Multi-Core is Mainstream: Are You Ready?

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這應該算是 Intel 的線上演講吧?主要是關於多核心和平行化處理的程式開發;原始網址是:《Multi-Core is Mainstream: Are You Ready?》。下面是摘要:

Dual-Cores, Multi-Cores, Many Cores. How will your app compete in this new world? How do you, as a software developer, determine when to thread, what to parallelize and which tools and methodologies to use? How do you learn to think parallel?
Attend Intel's software developer webinar series to find out. Meet our threading experts to learn how new tools, methodologies and techniques can introduce scalable and efficent concurrency into your applications. Discuss your coding issues during live Q&A. Download tools, libraries and code samples.

分成七個部分,原則上是免費註冊就可以線上收聽了∼註冊後,他會把每一個 link 都寄給你,然後可以選擇用 Real Player 或 Windows Media Player 來做收聽(FireFox 好像不能選,只能用 Real Player)。



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