AMD 推出新版的 StreamSDK 2.3

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AMD 在他的官方網站上,放出新版的 Stream SDK 囉∼這次的版本是 2.3,一樣是支援 OpenCL 1.1,主要的更新應該是在於效能改善、以及對於新的硬體的支援了。


下面則是官網所寫的主要更新內容,更完整的更新內容,則可以參考《ATI Stream SDK v2.3 Developer Realease Note》和《ATI Stream SDK v2.3 Samples Release Notes》。

  • 增強 OpenCL runtime 的效能
    • Improved kernel launch times.
    • Improved PCIe transfer times.
    • Enabled DRMDMA for Evergreen GPUs, as well as AMD Radeon? HD 6870 and AMD Radeon? HD 6850 devices.
  • Increased size of staging buffers.
  • Enhanced Binary Image Format (BIF).
  • Support for UVD video hardware component through OpenCL (Windows 7).
  • Support for Northern Islands family of devices.
  • Support for AMD Radeon? HD 6310 and AMD Radeon? 6250 devices.
  • Support for OpenCL math libraries: FFT and BLAS-3, available for download at AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing Math Libraries.
  • Preview feature: An optimization pragma for unrolling loops.
  • Preview feature: Support for CPU/X86 image. This enables the support for Image formats, as described in the Khronos specification for OpenCL, to be run on the x86 CPU. It is enabled by the following environment variable in your application: CPU_IMAGE_SUPPORT.
  • ATI Stream Profiler 2.1 enhancements:
    • Timeline visualization and API Trace.
    • Support for 64-bit profiling.
    • Support for Linux (command line version).
    • Support for profiling DirectCompute applications.
  • Stream KernelAnalyzer (SKA) 1.7 enhancements:
    • Support for Northern Islands devices.
    • Support for Catalyst 10.9 to 10.12.
  • 新的範例程式: 
    • MonteCarloAsianDP
    • DeviceFission
    • FluidSimulation2D
  • Optimized Histogram sample.
  • Added makefiles and implemented changes in samples code to compile with Intel compiler, MinGW GCC, and MinGWx64 GCC.
  • Various OpenCL? compiler and runtime fixes and enhancements (see developer release notes for more details).
  • Various samples fixes and enhancements (see samples release notes for more details).

另外,還有一份 AMD 的 OpenCL 的 image convolution 最佳化文件(PDF 檔),有興趣的人也可以看看。

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