NVIDIA CUDA 4.0 RC2 公開下載

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image三月初的時候,nVIDIA 發表了 CUDA 4.0 的 RC 版(參考《nVIDIA 發表 CUDA 4.0》),不過當時是只有提供給註冊的開發者下載;而過了一個月後,nVIDIA 終於推出 CUDA 4.0 RC2 ,讓所有使用者都可以下載使用了!他的官方頁面是:http://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-toolkit-40


  • Easier Application Porting
    • Share GPUs across multiple threads
    • Use all GPUs in the system concurrently from a single host thread
    • No-copy pinning of system memory, a faster alternative to cudaMallocHost()
    • C new/delete and support for virtual functions
    • Support for inline PTX assembly
    • Thrust library of templated performance primitives such as sort, reduce, etc.
    • NVIDIA Performance Primitives (NPP) library for image/video processing
    • Layered Textures for working with same size/format textures at larger sizes and higher performance
  • Faster Multi-GPU Programming
    • Unified Virtual Addressing
    • GPUDirect v2.0 support for Peer-to-Peer Communication
  • New & Improved Developer Tools
    • Automated Performance Analysis in Visual Profiler
    • C debugging in cuda-gdb
    • GPU binary disassembler for Fermi architecture (cuobjdump)

其實主要的變化,都和 RC1 時相同,所以在這邊就不贅述了。不過,在 4.0 SDK 裡,雖然不完整,但是有許多範例的專案都已經有提供 Visual Studio 2010 的版本了!這應該也代表了,終於可以用 Visual Stduio 2010 直接寫 CUDA 的程式了!接下來,就是希望等到正式版的時候,能有完整的 Visual Studio 2010 開發環境了。

Windows 版相關下載如下:

名稱 檔案連結 文件
Windows XP 開發驅動程式 (270.51) 32-bit / 64-bit
Windows Vista / Windows 7 開發驅動程式 (270.51) 32-bit / 64-bit
Windows Vista / Windows 7 筆記電腦
開發驅動程式 (270.28)
32-bit / 64-bit

CUDA Toolkit

  • C/C compiler
  • Visual Profiler
  • GPU-accelerated BLAS library
  • GPU-accelerated FFT library
  • GPU-accelerated Sparse Matrix library
  • GPU-accelerated RNG library
  • Additional tools and documentation
32-bit / 64-bit Windows Getting Started Guide
Release Notes
Release Notes Errata
CUDA Readiness Tech Brief
CUDA C Programming Guide
CUDA C Best Practices Guide
OpenCL Programming Guide
OpenCL Best Practices Guide
OpenCL Implementation Notes
CUDA Reference Manual (pdf)
CUDA Reference Manual (chm)
CUDA API Reference
Visual Profiler User Guide
Fermi Compatibility Guide
Fermi Tuning Guide
CUBLAS User Guide
CUFFT User Guide
CURAND User Guide
CUDA NPP Library
Thrust Quick Start Guide
CUDA Tools SDK 32-bit
GPU Computing SDK 程式範例 32-bit

OpenCL Release Notes
CUDA C/C Release Notes
CUDA Occupancy Calculator
DirectCompute Release Notes
OpenCL Release Notes

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