CUDA 2.2 Release 開放下載!

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四月初的時候,有貼過 CUDA 2.2 Beta 正在進行「封測」,開放給有註冊的開發者下載;而在五月七號,nVidia 則是放出 CUDA 2.2 的正式版提供所有人下載了∼詳細細節可以參考官方論壇的《CUDA Toolkit and SDK v2.2 released》一文。


  • Officially adds support for Windows 7, Server 2003, Server 2008, Ubuntu 8.10, RHEL 5.3, and Fedora 10
  • Includes cuda-gdb (hardware GPU debugger) for RHEL5 32 and 64-bit (officially supported and tested), but it may work on more platforms than just those
  • Exclusive device mode in Linux: set some GPUs as exclusive-compute (can only own a single CUDA context) and some as non-compute (no CUDA contexts allowed) for easier management of clusters/MPI applications. See the manpage for nvidia-smi for how to set this and cudaSetValidDevices in the reference manual on how to best use this from CUDART.
  • Zero-copy support: transparently read from certain system memory from a kernel on GT200 or MCP79 systems. See this post for more information on how it works.
  • Asynchronous memcpy support on Vista/Server 2008/Win7
  • Texture from pitchlinear memory: use this to avoid an additional memcpy at times in some scenarios.
  • >4GB of pinned memory in a single allocation on most OSes
  • maximum pinned memory per allocation increased in Vista to ~1.5GB
  • pinned memory can be shared between contexts
  • Multi-device OpenGL interop performance between a Quadro display card and a separate compute card is dramatically improved.
  • Visual Profiler works on Vista
  • Visual Profiler supports additional counters for GT200 to measure number of memory transactions of a given size, instruction throughput, etc.
  • Blocking sync support for all platforms: allows the host thread to sleep and be awoken by driver when the GPU operation the host thread is waiting on is completed.
  • Quite a few additional math functions added due to forum requests (feel free to keep posting requests, we do pay attention)
  • __threadfence(): ensure that a thread’s pending memory writes are visible to all threads before continuing. It is explicitly not a global sync, unlike how it appears to some.
  • Lots of bugfixes, of course; most importantly, killing a CUDA app should behave much, much better than it ever has before, especially when you’re on a dedicated compute card


4 thoughts on “CUDA 2.2 Release 開放下載!”

  1. I get error when I am installing the CUDA 2.2 SDK in Open SUSE11.1. 1. The driver 185.18.08 is installed OK.2. The CUDA toolket 2.2 is installed OK. 3. The CUDA SDK installing with problem in “make”. make[1]: *** [objdebug/rendercheck_gl.cpp.o] error1 make: *** [lib/] error2please help. Thanks!!

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