CUDA Toolkit 3.0 Beta 封測

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這消息晚了幾天…之前在 nVidia 放出 195.39 的測試版驅動程式時就就提過了,CUDA 3.0 應該是要出了。而在前幾天,nVidia 論壇上論壇上,也出現他的消息了∼全文可以參考《CUDA Toolkit 3.0 beta released》一文;不過,目前也還只是針對註冊的使用者進行封測而已。更新重點如下:

  • CUDA Driver / Runtime Buffer Interoperability, which allows applications using the CUDA Driver API to also use libraries implemented using the CUDA C Runtime.
  • A new, separate version of the CUDA C Runtime (CUDART) for debugging in emulation-mode.
  • C Class Inheritance and Template Inheritance support for increased programmer productivity
  • A new unified interoperability API for Direct3D and OpenGL, with support for:
    • OpenGL texture interop
    • Direct3D 11 interop support
  • cuda-gdb hardware debugging support for applications that use the CUDA Driver API
  • New CUDA Memory Checker reports misalignment and out of bounds errors, available as a debugging mode within cuda-gdb and also as a stand-alone utility.
  • CUDA Toolkit libraries are now versioned, enabling applications to require a specific version, support multiple versions explicitly, etc.
  • CUDA C/C kernels are now compiled to standard ELF format
  • Support for all the OpenCL features in the latest R195.39 beta driver:
    • Double Precision
    • OpenGL Interoperability, for interactive high performance visualization
    • Query for Compute Capability, so you can target optimizations for GPU architectures (cl_nv_device_attribute_query)
    • Ability to control compiler optimization settings, etc. via support for NVIDIA Compiler Flags (cl_nv_compiler_options)
    • OpenCL Images support, for better/faster image filtering
    • 32-bit Atomics for fast, convenient data manipulation
    • Byte Addressable Stores, for faster video/image processing and compression algorithms
    • Support for the latest OpenCL spec revision 48 and latest official Khronos OpenCL headers as of 11/1/2009
  • Early support for the Fermi architecture, including:
    • Native 64-bit GPU support
    • Multiple Copy Engine support
    • ECC reporting
    • Concurrent Kernel Execution
    • Fermi HW debugging support in cuda-gdb

在 Heresy 來看,主要的重點,一個就是之前在 Fermi 發表時所提的支援 C ;但是比較怪的,是他在這 Highlight list 裡並沒有把他獨立列成一項?另外,在 3.0 應該也是正式同時支援 OpenCL 和 CUDA C 了∼不過這都只是看上面的內容啦∼細節呢,應該還是要裝起來玩過才知道了。(不過,滿囧的是,NVIDIA_CUDA_ProgrammingGuide_3.0.pdf 裡還是 2.3 啊…)

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