CUDA Toolkit 3.0 正式版出了!

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原始文章可以參考《GPGPU Developers Get Boost from New CUDA Toolkit 3.0》,主要就是搶在 GeForce GTX 470/480 上市前,推出支援新版 Fermi 架構的 CUDA Toolkit 了∼在心功能的部份,其實之前 3.0 BETA 版發表的時候已經有列過了,不過他這邊還是提供了更為簡潔的新功能列表:

  • Support for new GPUs based on Fermi architecture – including ECC, optimized double precision, support for linear algebra libraries such as BLAS and LAPACK, the CUDA-GDB debugger and Visual Profiler
  • C support – delivering improved productivity with class and template inheritance
  • GPGPU/Graphics interoperability – delivering Direct3D 9, 10 and 11 and OpenGL for both CUDA and OpenCL
  • Improved developer tools for Linux – including the new CUDA Memory Checker that reports misalignment and out-of-bounds errors
  • Tesla Compute Cluster (TCC) – improving performance and cluster management

要下載或看比較完整個功能列表的話,請到《CUDA 3.0 Downloads》這個網頁了∼

不過,在 GeForce GTX 470 / 480 上市前就先放出這個,應該沒有多少人可以跑他完整的新功能吧?

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