Khronos 發布 OpenGL 4.2 規格

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離上一版 OpenGL 4.1 發表過了差不多一年,Khronos 在 SIGGRAPH 2011 上又發表了新的 OpenGL 4.2 的規格了!官方新聞請參考《Khronos Enriches Cross-Platform 3D Graphics with release of OpenGL 4.2 Specification》。


  • Enabling shaders with atomic counters and load/store/atomic read-modify-write operations to a single level of a texture. These capabilities can be combined, for example, to maintain a counter at each pixel in a buffer object for single-rendering-pass order-independent transparency

  • Capturing GPU-tessellated geometry and drawing multiple instances of the result of a transform feedback to enable complex objects to be efficiently repositioned and replicated;

  • Modifying an arbitrary subset of a compressed texture, without having to re-download the whole texture to the GPU for significant performance improvements;

  • Packing multiple 8 and 16 bit values into a single 32-bit value for efficient shader processing with significantly reduced memory storage and bandwidth, especially useful when transferring data between shader stages.

詳細資料請參考「OpenGLR Registry」,文件列表:

另外,nVIDIA 也已經針對 GeForce 400(Fermi)以上的顯示卡,發表了支援 OpenGL 4.2 的新驅動程式了∼有需要的人可以到 nVIDIA 的 Developer Zone 下載。

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