Khronos 發表硬體加速的 Computer Vision API:Vision

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官方新聞:《Khronos to Create New Open Standard for Computer Vision

Khronos(建立 OpenGL、OpenCL 的組織)在今年的 SIGGRAPH ASIA 公告,他們開始建立一個開放、跨平台、免授權金的 Computer Vision(電腦視覺)的硬體加速 API 標準,名稱就叫做「Vision」。

這個標準建立的目的,主要是建立「硬體抽象層」(Hardware Abstraction Layer)的標準,希望可以讓 Computer Vision 相關的應用程式、或是更 High level 的函式庫(例如最有名的就是 OpenCV),可以直接透過 vision 來做到硬體加速;基本上,大概就會是像右邊的示意圖的概念了∼

而除了一般桌上電腦的應用外,Khronos 也會著重在越來越普及的行動裝置上,讓更多類型的平台、硬體(CPU、GPU、DSP),都可以使用同樣的標準。

如果這東西真的做出來的話,那對於現在有使用到 OpenCV 的寫程式,或許就有機會不修改程式、直接享受硬體加速的效能提升了吧∼

Design Philosophy:

  • provide interoperable acceleration of computer vision algorithms across platforms;
  • keep the scope for the 1.0 version tightly focused on areas of computer vision agreed to be appropriate and widely beneficial;
  • ensure efficient implementation is possible on a wide variety of computing architectures including CPUs, GPUs and DSPs;
  • keep a primary focus on enabling mobile and embedded devices;
  • efficiently support a possible wide range of high-level computer vision libraries, not solely the OpenCV higher-level library;
  • be usable directly by applications as well as higher level libraries;
  • the design of a clean, forward-looking API takes priority over reuse of existing libraries, however existing APIs and libraries should be leveraged where possible to promote rapid adoption and usage.


  • A specification for the CV HAL API;
  • Manual pages for the API;
  • An Adoption process that defines the criteria for implementation compliance;
  • A conformance test suite that tests the operation of an CV HAL implementation;
  • A logo and certification mark usage guidelines.

不過,目前這東西還沒正式出來,要等到可以用,要等到 2012 的第四季才會審閱規格草案。下方是目前規劃的 milestone:

  1. 2011/12/02 – Board meeting vote to establish the temporary working group
  2. 2012/01 F2F – first working group F2F Meeting
  3. 2012/04 F2F – agreed SOW sent to Board for approval of full-time working group
  4. 2012 Q4 – draft spec in review.

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